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  • Height-Adjustable Table and Chair
  • Height-Adjustable Chair
  • Height-Adjustable Table and Chair
  • Height-Adjustable Table
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Height-Adjustable Table and Chair

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Ergonomic children's table with a chair. The set is intended for children from 1.5 to 5 years of age. Height is adjustable for both - the chair and the table. The table has 3 height levels, the chair - 2 levels.

The back of the chair with an ergonomic position, inclined, for comfortable sitting, which ensures the correct body position, creating a good posture and a straight back.

Easy to change the height with a screwdriver (included).

Table height adjustment: 37, 43.5 and 48.5 cm,

Chair height adjustment: 22 and 27 cm.

Total table height: 56 cm

Total table width: 70 cm

Total depth of the table: 50 cm

Total chair height: 47 cm

Total width of the chair: 35 cm

Total depth of the chair: 31 cm

Material: 18 mm birch plywood

Available in three shades: light gray, dark gray and pink.

  • It takes just 30 minutes to set up and your kid will use it for years.

  • Change the structure of the toy and easily create new possibilities to keep the child's attention

  • Pikler Triangle adapts to the skill of the child's age and needs

  • Sturdy and responsibly crafted triangle is made with the sense of safety as priority

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  • They independently work on their motor development skills without even knowing it.

  • This toy can captivate the childs attention for a long time and the child can put his energy out in a safe environment

  • Tressory pickler triangle uses High quality birch wood that is eco-friendly

  • Pikler Triangle is the best gift for your child as it will entertain and train the child for years