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We are closing this web page as we combine all our power in one direction.

We continue to produce the same high-quality wooden furniture for children inspired by the Montessori and Pikler teaching methods.

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Advantages of Using Our Furniture


The plywood furniture we make for children is thoughtful and helps to maintain a minimalist style in the interior. In the production of furniture, we use only environmentally friendly materials - water-based paints and varnishes, solid wood and Baltic birch plywood glued with lignin of biological origin.
Our designer furniture decorates and introduces an extraordinary modern minimalist style in living and play room spaces.

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Serial production of furniture and toys

From design to packaging in 600 sq/m

We are a professional furniture production studio. We specialize in making nursery, home, and office furniture. The technical and creative approach of the masters in the manufacture of furniture guarantees a long service life.

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High quality children's room furniture

This means appropriate furniture for the child's height and freely accessible learning material. This gives the child the opportunity to learn practical life skills and become independent.

Top learning toys

  • It takes just 30 minutes to set up and your kid will use it for years.

  • Change the structure of the toy and easily create new possibilities to keep the child's attention

  • Our Little Peak triangle (Pikler Triangle) adapts to the skill of the child's age and needs

  • A sturdy and responsibly crafted furniture is made with the sense of safety as a priority

  • Tressory kids furniture uses High-quality birch wood that is eco-friendly.

  • Pikler triangle is best gift

    Our furniture is the best gift for your child as it will entertain and train the child for years

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Learning The World Made Fun!

Kids love to spend most of their free time, which they have plenty of, traveling around the apartment or home. At first, barely starting to crawl and take the first steps, the child thus learns the world around him. It is not difficult to make such walks safe for the toddler. This allows you to make correctly selected children's furniture. The fashionable and comfortable design, favorite characters create their own space for the baby, beyond which he is no longer in a hurry to get out. Naturally, the headset, together with toys, should encourage the child to be creative and not seem boring to him.

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