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Climbing triangle set for kids with two ram

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It is perfect for developing kids to play independently (with adult supervision) and train body/movement skills at their own pace. Helps kids to increase awareness of their surroundings and encourages them to explore, be curious, confident, and learn what their bodies are capable of. Used also in Montessori education methods.
The climbing triangle provides a safe environment for kids to learn and train before they do it in the world around them.

This set of two triangles with a ramp in the set is an optimal set for kids to enjoy. It can be combined with other triangles or segments from our product line when the kid grows older and wants a better climbing experience. Angles can be changed depending on how you or your kid wants to use it. For example, if you buy an arch segment a year later, you can combine them and you will get a full set and turn it into a blanket house for your kid.

Maximum height of big triangle: 87 cm
Length of one segment: 93 cm
Overall width: 70 cm
Spacing between steps (bars): 12 cm

Steps (bars) diameter 24 mm

Material: Water-resistant 18 mm birch plywood with UV film coating
Step material: Oiled ash wood bars in natural color.
Can withstand up to 60 kg
Available in Opal white (Milk white clear lacquer)

The set can be changed according to your needs by adding a stepped arch, an additional stair segment, or a slide.
  • It takes just 30 minutes to set up and your kid will use it for years.

  • Change the structure of the toy and easily create new possibilities to keep the child's attention

  • Pikler Triangle adapts to the skill of the child's age and needs

  • Sturdy and responsibly crafted triangle is made with the sense of safety as priority

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  • They independently work on their motor development skills without even knowing it.

  • This toy can captivate the childs attention for a long time and the child can put his energy out in a safe environment

  • Tressory pickler triangle uses High quality birch wood that is eco-friendly

  • Pikler Triangle is the best gift for your child as it will entertain and train the child for years