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Montessori Geoboard for kids with rubber bands

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Montessori Geoboard for kids developing is a tool for learning maths, exploring basic concepts in plane geometry.

These wooden toys are handmade and could be a gift.

Your children will have so much fun with this toy, they don't realize they are learning.

The geoboard consists of a plywood board with pegs. The board comes with 100 rubber bands, in assorted lengths and colors

Size: 17x22 cm

Box size: 22x22 cm

Perfect to start playing with the board for those as young as 3 years old, and will still be helpful all the way through primary school.


Endorsed all over 🌎

Similar pikers are used in Montessori classrooms all around the world to stimulate children’s sense of balancecolors, shapes, tactile sensitivity (soft carpet), proprioception (rigid frame), and kinesthetic awareness. The Double Climbing Pikler Triangle from Treesorry is a developmentally appropriate, kid-friendly activity toy for children as they begin to move on their own. They may never have been this independent before!

👶 Climbing adventure

Do you need a climb-able toy for your children? This is the one for them! It provides an opportunity to develop active play, durability, and motor skills through imaginative climbing. Other potential benefits from playing on this toy resemble increased awareness of surroundings, adventurous exploration, and confidence-boosting.

🤸‍♂️ Safe and secure toy

Young kids can sit on it side-saddle, lean over the top rail with hands flat down or try to reach out their fingers while holding onto either side -- all at their own pace without worrying about falling off a high chair or mounting a wrong slide pressure.