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  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
  • Slide for Climbing Triangle
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Slide for Climbing Triangle

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By purchasing an additional slide, the climbing triangles and arches can be connected by creating bridges and transitions from one frame to another.
The slide is smooth on one side, with steps on the other.
Safe and durable sides (edges) of the slide protect the child from falling

External dimensions of the slide: 119x40x6 cm
Dimensions of the sliding part: 39x112 cm
Material: Birch plywood 12 and 15-18 mm thick

Finished toy triangle sets
Litlle Pikler triangle - Small toy set
Medium Pickler triangle - Medium toy set
Full Pikler triangle - Large toy set
Arch for the Triangle - Climbing Arch for Pikler Triangle

Slide side colors - Opal white (transparent lacquered)
Color of the sliding part - dark brown or light gray (depending on LF purchase).
The colors of the sliding part of the slide can be different. Most common Dark brown or light gray on both sides.

It is also possible to purchase a step segment and a climbing semicircle (Pikler Arch) separately to increase the size and variations of the toys.

  • It takes just 30 minutes to set up and your kid will use it for years.

  • Change the structure of the toy and easily create new possibilities to keep the child's attention

  • Pikler Triangle adapts to the skill of the child's age and needs

  • Sturdy and responsibly crafted triangle is made with the sense of safety as priority

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  • They independently work on their motor development skills without even knowing it.

  • This toy can captivate the childs attention for a long time and the child can put his energy out in a safe environment

  • Tressory pickler triangle uses High quality birch wood that is eco-friendly

  • Pikler Triangle is the best gift for your child as it will entertain and train the child for years